Training Needs Analysis

This report is addressed to educational institutions who want to transfer the good practice of the “Crowddreaming: I giovani co-creano cultura digitale” challenge for Italian schools to their national context. The document contains an introduction to the Crowddreaming method, the analysis of the training needs of the schools from participating countries and the operational framework to transfer the good practice.

Training Toolkit

This training toolkit provides an overview of the Crowddreaming project and it is designed to assist tutors, teachers and other educators in creating a successful training initiative. It contains a training plan, guidelines, Open Educational Resoures (free tools, samples and templates) and learning outcomes to use along the way.

Curriculum for Teachers

This Curriculum aims to raise teachers’ awareness about digital cultural heritage and prepare them for providing support to young people in developing digital cultural heritage projects.

The program includes 6 modules:

  1. The Art of Crowddreaming method
  2. Project Development
  3. Digital Tools for Digital Content Creation
  4. Digital Storytelling
  5. Digital Cultural Heritage
  6. Media Literacy