Invitation to the conference with a CDDC logo (butterlfy) in the background

Join us for “Crowddreaming: Youth Co-Create Digital Culture” conference

CDDC project consortium invite you to join the online conference “Crowddreaming: Youth Co-Create Digital Culture” on 25 March 2021 at 14:00 - 17:15 (CET). REGISTER HERE Crowddreaming: Youth Co-Create Digital Culture (CDDC) is an Eramus+ project that started in January...Read More

Crowddreaming methodology presented at Europeana 2020

Europeana brings together cultural heritage professionals from all domains and from all of Europe through the Europeana Network Association, the Europeana Aggregators’ Forum, diverse projects and partnerships and a programme of physical and digital events. This year, their signature event...Read More

Learn how to Crowddream (with video presentations)

The art of Crowddreaming (CDDC) is a methodology that connects young people and educators with cultural heritage and digitalisation in a unique co-creation process that contributes to the common understanding of the European history and values, intercultural dialogue and mutual...Read More

DAISSy presented the project CrowdDreaming at the “Startups on Air” event powered by PATRAS IQ

On June 26, with the participation of civil society organizations, innovation hubs and academic institutions, a vivid EduTech session took place about the future of education and the impact of technology on it. The “Startups on Air” event involved innovative...Read More

Crowddreaming, supporting the future of digital cultural heritage

From ALL DIGITAL's website (click here to read the original article): On #DigitalDay2019 – 9 April, 23 European countries signed a declaration for the Cooperation on advancing digitisation of Cultural Heritage. It is one of the latest developments in digital cultural heritage policy....Read More