Second CDDC multiplier event in Latvia

The multiplier event took place on March 26, 2021 and was organised as a part of the All Digital Week 2021. Unfortunately, due to the situation with Covid-19, it could not take place as a live event. It was organised online and broadcasted on LIKTA’s YouTube and Facebook channels. Almost 1500 viewers watched it online. In addition to that, one of the Latvian televisions: Riga TV24 broadcasted a story about the project and also the closing events, reaching around 36.000 viewers.

The participants of the event were introduced to the progress of the project and the achieved results. Within the framework of this, the winners of the competition organized in Latvia “Digitization of Cultural Heritage” were also awarded. Representatives of the involved schools shared their experience on implementing CDDC workshops with students and the process of development of digital projects, while entrepreneurs shared their experience about the possibilities of using augmented and virtual reality, issues related to young people’s career choice and creation of digital works and solutions. Virtual tour of Europe Square was organised under curation of project expert Arnita Vaitkus.

Winners of the CDDC’s “Digitization of Cultural Heritage” competition in Latvia

The event also feature two inspirational speakers. Kristaps Skutelis, enthusiast and practitioner of new technologies, author of the idea of technology blog “” and public relations manager of “TestDevLab” talked about the use of augmented and virtual reality and about opportunities and perspectives that could be useful for young people in their career choice in the future. Gustavs Mārtiņs Upmanis, founder of Visasiespē, presented his view on how can youth create own digital works and solutions.

Virtual tour of the Europe Square

Among participants were teachers and students, as well as representatives of other schools, librarians, training centres, non-governmental organizations, universities, representatives of municipalities and state institutions and other interested parties.