Value of CDDC methodology in Europe

To enable the implementation of The Art of Crowddreaming methodology project partners have developed Training Toolkit and Curriculum for teachers with aim to raise teachers’ awareness about digital cultural heritage and prepare them for providing support to young people in developing digital cultural heritage projects.

The Training Toolkit on Crowddreaming is specially designed for the tutors, teachers and other educators. These educators are the one who will become ambassadors in their local/national areas promoting the Crowddreaming methodology and will involve students in the popularization of the digital cultural heritage. The training toolkit provides an overview of the Crowddreaming project and it is designed to assist tutors, teachers and other educators in creating a successful training initiative. It contains a training plan, guidelines, Open Educational Resources (free tools, samples and templates) and learning outcomes to use along the way, it provides the guidance and resources that are right for teachers.

The Curriculum for teachers is planned in the amount of 35 hours (26h training + 9h coaching circles) of MOOC-based training. The program includes 6 modules:

  1. The Art of Crowddreaming method
  2. Project Development
  3. Digital Tools for Digital Content Creation
  4. Digital Storytelling
  5. Digital Cultural Heritage
  6. Media Literacy

An in-depth description of each module provides information on the planned number of training hours, learning outcomes, learning objectives, learning content, material resources, additional resources and the type of assessment.

Art of Crowddreaming in action

Developed Curriculum for teachers was piloted in Italy, Croatia, Latvia, and Greece. All piloting participants provided feedback by completing a CDDC Course Post-Questionnaire. The main findings of educators:

  • Excellent Curriculum for teachers
  • Updated and practically useful study materials
  • The e-learning environment is easy to use
  • The training course helped
    • to understand the project development methodology
    • to learn the essentials needed to start project designing
  • It is possible to organize the study time yourself
  • Good cooperation with colleagues and mentors

The students also told us their opinion about participating in the Crowddreaming – youth co-create digital culture project and workshops provided by teachers. The main findings of students:

  • Strengthened interdisciplinary links
  • Improved cooperation and digital skills
  • Practical activities with immediate and interactive results
  • Motivation to create new and preserve existing cultural heritage

The Art of Crowddreaming  is a methodology that connects young people and educators with cultural heritage and digitalization in a unique co-creation process that contributes to the common understanding of the European history and values, intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding. Crowddreaming is a vision for the improvement of the society which comes to life when it is turned to a compelling story that captures the imagination of a crowd big enough to make it happen.                                                                                       

Learn more about the content of the documents, what teachers think about them, challenges and benefits of working with young people by watching Arnita’s presentation here.

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Author: Andra Krasavina (LIKTA)