Crowddreaming methodology presented at Europeana 2020

Europeana brings together cultural heritage professionals from all domains and from all of Europe through the Europeana Network Association, the Europeana Aggregators’ Forum, diverse projects and partnerships and a programme of physical and digital events.

This year, their signature event (Europeana 2020) was organized online. 1.600 participants from all corners of Europe discussed, learnt and engaged in a variety of interesting panel debates, interactive online activities and workshop. One of them was a workshop titled Bridging the Europeana Education Community with DigiEduHack organized by Altheo Valentini from EGINA.

Invited guest speakers introduced to solutions for the education community regarding implementation of digital projects with digital cultural heritage resources. CDDC project was one of presented projects. Borut Cink from ALL DIGITAL delivered a 40 minute workshop where he presented the methodology, MOOC, Europa Square platform and a process of developing digital scenes. The discussion that followed focused on transferability of the Crowddreaming methodology and what are the challenges participants recognized in relation to this.