Europa Square Demo available

A first demo of the core functionalities of the Europa Square web-app is now available on this website.

The final version of the web-app will let the user experience the visit of a digital installation composed by 80 scenes created by the students of the school participating into the project. Each scene will be a thanksgiving act to another European nation for having invented a cultural item that has become part of the everyday’s life of all of us. Moreover, in the final version of the web-app the digital Europa Square will be overlapped to 80 different squares in Europe thanks to augmented reality technologies. Every city of the schools participating to the project will host an instance of Europa Square.

The current demo aims to give an idea of the general visit experience from the comfort of your home computer. It is a virtual tour where the live background of augmented reality experiences has been replaced with a beautiful spheric picture of the National Gallery square in Berlin (by Ansgar Koreng released under CC BY-SA 4.0).