Crowddreaming partners meet in Athens

The Crowddreaming – Youth co-create Digital Culture project is developing fast. On the 16th-17th of January project partners meet in Athens working to finalising core elements to lead to the successful training of teachers in the crowddreaming platform and the completion of the Europa Square challenge. The meeting was hosted by the DAISSy (Design of Ambient Intelligent Social Systems) of the Hellenic Open University.

The Crowddreaming Youth co-create digital culture (CDDC) project is based on a best practice of the same name developed by Associazione Stati Generali dell’Innovazione (SGI) as a cooperative contest leading to a digital monument ‘the Europa Square’ embedded with digital scenes of thanksgiving from a school that created a story where they thank another country or culture for a contribution made to Europe or their homeland. CDDC scales up this best practice training at least 80 teachers in 4 European countries (Latvia, Greece, Italy and Croatia) in the CDDC methodology. The meeting in Athens helped finalise and plan for the development of key elements of the delivery of the crowddreaming online course to teachers, including completing the action plan leading to the digital monument “Europa square.”

The Crowddreaming training is delivered by MOOC which will allow teachers to be trained in digital cultural heritage and is based on a curriculum that was cooperatively developed by partners addressing teachers needs through the use of coaching circles and interview with role models who have taken part in past editions of CDDC. The MOOC allows the Crowddreaming method to scale in a way that was not possible using just tutors.

The crowddreaming MOOC will start in February 2020 will last for 12 weeks during which at least 20 teachers in each piloting country will lead workshops in their classes leading to the production of at least one digital scene showing a moment of thanksgiving which will then be embedded in the Europa Square platform. Keep your eyes on the Crowddreaming website for the call to join the online course.

Crowddreaming is funded as a social inclusion Erasmus + KA3 project it’s specified objectives are to promote European values, cultural heritage & heritage-related skills, common history, intercultural dialogue and social inclusion through education, non-formal and lifelong learning, in line with the objectives of the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage.