Call for teachers’ selection

What is Crowddreaming?

Crowddreaming is an Erasmus+ project, which has been granted in 2018 within the framewok of the annual KA3 call on Social Inclusion and Common Values: The Contribution in the Field of Education and Training.

The purpose of the project is to disseminate and scale-up at European level a good practice in the field of the valorization of digital cultural heritage as a mean for inclusive education and for the promotion of European values among youngsters.

The good practice identified is “Crowddreaming: youths co-create digital culture” born as a contest for schools and promoted by the Italian association Stati Generali dell’Innovazione, whose aim is to create a lasting digital monument dedicated to Europe as a transcultural laboratory.

Crowddreaming involves 5 partners coming from 5 European countries. The pilot action will be implemented in 4 Countries (Latvia, Croatia, Greece and Italy) and will directly address secondary school teachers (20 in each country) and students (400 in each country).

Becoming a Crowddreamer!

If you want to take part at the project, you just have to fill this online application form and explain us what is you interest in improving your competencies in the field of the digital valorisation of cultural heritage, multicultural education and social inclusion.

We will select 20 teachers from secondary schools or the upper grades of primary schools (teaching students between 10 and 18 years old) in each piloting country. Selected teachers will take part at the following activities:

  • co-design of a training path on Digital Cultural Heritage, taking part at two coaching circles in May 2019 and informing us on the most relevant skills they need to develop in order to involve their students in project based activities aimed at developing digital projects for the valorisation of their local heritage;
  • blended training course to learn how to implement the Crowddreaming methodology, consisting of:
    • 35 hours interactive MOOC, carried out between January and March 2020, where you will have the chance to meet with other national and international colleagues, learning how to digitally enhance the value of local, regional and national cultural heritage as a mean to promote the European identity, common values, cultural dialogue and understanding.
    • Face-to-face workshop with students mentored by expert Crowddreamers, to be implemented between April and June 2020, for the collaborative production of digital projects on the valorisation of local cultural heritage.

All realized projects will be publically presented and promoted through a virtual platform (Europa Square), as well as geolocalized in all venues represented by participating teachers, so to be possibly activated through simple Augmented Reality techniques and shared with the local community.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join the Crowddreaming community with your students… register today and start dreaming with us!