Hellenic Open University

The Hellenic Open University was founded under the Act Ν.2552/97, as a  self-administered State University with its premises located mainly in Patras Greece.  The University accepted its first students in 1998. It has four Schools (Social Sciences, Applied Arts, Science and Technology and Humanities). Currently, over 30.000 undergraduate and postgraduate students are registered in. They are educated by an outward looking academic faculty of around 50 members, supported by 2000 adjunct lecturers, professors, post-doctoral researchers, laboratory support staff, instructors e.t.c, as well as around 200 administrative support staff.

Hellenic Open University participates to the project with its DAISSy group.

The DAISSy group was founded in 2001 by highly skilled and motivated researchers pursuing research, innovation and adoption of the broader Ambient Intelligence vision. Currently the group consists of two branches, both based in Patra, Greece:

  1. Research Unit 3 of Computer Technology Institute (CTI) focuses on the design and development of pervasive and mobile systems, which are seamlessly integrated into the environment of human activity and exhibit properties of smart, adaptive, autonomous systems, and
  2. The research group at Hellenic Open University (HOU) conducts basic research, supports education in pervasive and mobile systems and pursues the development and adoption of social applications.

The DAISSy group has accumulated longtime R&I expertise in Ambient Intelligence, Pervasive Systems, Middleware, Service Oriented Architectures, Ontologies, Knowledge Extraction and Representation, Multi Agent Systems, Social Systems, Peer Learning Platforms, 3D Games, ICT in Education and Skills Definition and Profiling for ICT related Jobs.

Since its establishment, the DAISSy group has participated in more than 30 national and European projects, in various frameworks (i.e. FP5, FP6, FP7, Lifelong Learning, Erasmus+, etc.), amassing a total funding of more than 2,5 MEuro. Today the group employs more than 15 persons, including University professors, PhD and MSc holders, researchers in computer science, artificial intelligence and social sciences, experienced ICT engineers, programmers and administrative personnel.