Centar Tehničke Kulture Rijeka

Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka (CTC Rijeka) is a NGO registered since 1993 with the task of encouraging and promoting technical education, computer science, and culture in general by organizing activities in order to stimulate the interest of children, youth, workers and other citizens in areas of scientific, technical and IT culture. It realizes its goals through 4 program areas, which are mutually interconnected and complementary:

  1. Digital literacy: Newly acquired knowledge and skills in ICT enable our users to develop in fields which formal education system in Croatia neglects, such as coding, robotics, video, mobile apps development, web design, e-journalism, 3D modelling and printing, etc.
  2. Eco-social economy: CTC Rijeka is actively participating in the creation of network of regional resource centres for social enterprises encompassing the areas of Primorje-Gorski kotar County and Istria County. Next important pillar is to become national center for social technopreneurship.
  3. Social inclusion: One important segment of work for CTC Rijeka is to connect the use of new technologies with creation of opportunities for socially marginalized groups. We are fostering the education of disadvantaged children and young people and promoting intercultural dialogue through all forms of learning.
  4. Community development: We are contributing to the development of civil society in the region by empowering citizens to become active participants. By strengthening social, civic and intercultural competences, promoting democratic value and fundamental rights, enhancing critical thinking, innovation developing and using new technologies. We encourage volunteer work, active participation, partnership and inter-sector cooperation.

Our programs support children, young people, elderly people, people with fewer opportunities, citizens in general to become drivers of change in their local community.

We are members of ALL DIGITAL network, National Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs, Croatian Robotics Association, Croatian Informatics Clubs Association, Croatian Cluster for Eco-Social Innovation and Development, Eurodesk Network Croatia, Local partnership for employment Primorje-Gorski kotar County, leaders of Local Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs, coordinator for ALL DIGITAL WEEK in Croatia and partners in e-Skills for Jobs campaign in Croatia.